Community Workforce Agreement California

If you`re a construction contractor in California, you may have heard of a “community workforce agreement” (CWA) and wondered what it means for your business. Essentially, a CWA is a project labor agreement (PLA) that requires construction contractors to hire a certain percentage of local workers and follow certain labor standards.

CWAs are typically used on large public construction projects, such as highways, schools, and government buildings. They are designed to ensure that these projects benefit the local community by providing job opportunities and supporting local workers.

In California, CWAs are governed by state law, which requires certain provisions to be included in any agreement. These provisions include requirements for local hiring, apprenticeship programs, prevailing wages, and safety training.

If you`re bidding on a project that requires a CWA, it`s important to understand the requirements and how they will affect your business. For example, you may need to adjust your hiring practices to ensure that you are meeting local hiring requirements. You may also need to provide apprenticeship opportunities or ensure that your workers are receiving the proper safety training.

One of the benefits of a CWA is that it can help you build relationships with local labor organizations and community groups. By working together to support local workers and promote fair labor practices, you can help build a positive reputation for your business and position yourself for future projects.

However, it`s also important to be aware of the potential challenges of a CWA. For example, some contractors may feel that the requirements are too burdensome or that they limit their ability to hire the best workers for the job. Additionally, some labor organizations may push for more restrictive provisions that could make it more difficult for contractors to compete for projects.

Overall, if you`re a contractor in California, it`s important to be aware of the requirements and benefits of a community workforce agreement. By working together with local labor organizations and community groups, you can help ensure that your projects benefit the local community and position yourself for future success.

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