1 Brand, Many Audiences: 3 Levels Of Intent — MediaPost

The opportunity now is to use less prominent channels, such as short pre-roll videos on YouTube or influencer-shared links to get your brand in front of an audience at the right time. Then, extend the relationship with deep content and customer experience that keeps people coming back until they’ve purchased, and beyond. It is not always necessary battle for attention during the Super Bowl, because the active purchaser is seeking information — and helpful insight — in many channels.

Slice and dice your own audience in myriad ways in order to understand their attributes and path to purchase: researchers vs. intenders, sedan vs. SUV seekers — what makes each of these customers tick? Where do they research online? How can you, reach them earlier and speak to them better?

Source: 1 Brand, Many Audiences: 3 Levels Of Intent 09/19/2017

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