The Digital Narrative Alliance

The Digital Narrative Alliance is an emerging organization of storytellers, technicians, marketers, researchers and master creative professionals dedicated to articulating the uses of narrative and storytelling to reshape our world deliberatively and civilly using the ability to model visionary goals. We are building live events, online experiences, research projects, curriculum and training tools to explore three powerful aspects of digital narrative:

The Purpose of Story: To delve into the possibilities for narrative as a mechanism for planning and leadership in an era when digital technologies are uprooting analog processes to facilitate the rapid reinvention of every element of human life. Narratives provide the basis for values and action in human society. Stories, which do the cultural work of testing and proving the possibility of new human ingenuity, can be used to gain feedback from every stakeholder in a narrative’s success. Narrative shapes the possibilities an organization may pursue, from early-stage mission-building, using stories to gather feedback through every step of its evolution.

Stories with a Purpose: The DNA will unwind the human storytelling process to share discoveries, learning resources, and individual experiences that help everyone understand the power of media and role of their voice in the growing digital chorus. We seek to break down the barriers of institutionalized advertising and marketing practices to create authentic human engagement with customers, partners, stakeholders and citizens in the next phase of human history, the Digital Age.

The DNA Experience: At the heart of the DNA, we are growing a thriving community of master practitioners who share insights across industries and through personal experience to drive events, news, interviews, training materials, and the delivery of storytelling skills and labor in support of stories with social impact.