Narrative Summit 3: Stories That Change

You will leave with a new vision of the narrative of your company and life.

Join us to learn:
How to use stories to align mission and goals;
Techniques to engage your audience towards a future state;
To use stories to engage internally and externally;
How to handle stories that can conflict with mission and goals;
To use stories and narratives to develop co-designed products, services, and futures, based on proven film and marketing strategies represented by our speakers.

Narrative Summit 3: Stories That Change, on June 20, 2017, is a fast-moving full day of professional insight offered in short talks combined with workshops about a new strategy for telling stories using narrative as a tool for building social trust, moving your audience from their present state, increasing the odds towards action, and information sharing in support of economic and societal goals.

Leading the agenda is a stunning group of filmmakers, architects, researchers and authors with workshop sessions where small teams will collaborate to build new digital narratives that encompass the services, products and brands of the organizations and institutions they represent.

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An amazing line-up of speakers – check out the agenda.


Courage. Commitment. Change. It’s the process of change that challenges organizations and nations most today. Using stories to make plans together, as well as to entertain and inspire, is the basis of a new responsive economy that runs efficiently and and fairly. The courageous leader or courageous brand manager must commit to live the story they tell, taking constant feedback, learning from the audience to incorporate changes into the product, service or story they offer.

The Digital Narrative Alliance created the Narrative Summit for people who want to be leaders in their narrative field, their company, their market or the world. Come to the show to begin your journey to masterful storytelling.

Join us on June 20th at UCSF for a day of intimate talks by master storytellers and cognitive researchers, as well as challenging interactive exercises that will test your assumptions about what constitutes an effective story. Learn how to change your world using stories.

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Here’s a sample of what we’re preparing for you and your colleagues:

Understand. How stories must evolve and the role of change in ongoing engagement with your market and community and how to amplify your effectiveness.

Learn. How relationships define narratives and often the future of a company. Get a better understanding of who you are and how your story will evolve and endure through time.

Be challenged. Join a team of fellow brand storytellers as you’re challenged to produce compelling stories in 30 minutes or less from unexpected points of view.

Best Practices. Takeaway lessons from experts that can be applied immediately in your organization.

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Past Events:


June 20, 2017
2nd Narrative Summit, ‘Stories For Impact’

Thursday November 10, 2016, Cogswell College, San Jose, California (And Full-Day Stream)
Remote university locations at: The University of Texas at Austin and
The Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences 

The 2nd Narrative Summit: Stories For Impact

Purpose: Launching an ongoing conversation and community for storytellers around the world, the Narrative Summit will celebrate and inspire narrative invention and inspired use of technology in storytelling. The second in this series, this Narrative Summit gathers creative, commercial and journalistic storytellers, along with Bay Area students, working in emerging media and traditional textual and visual narrative to catalyze discussion and innovative practices through collaboration to give voice to society. Our audience is encouraged to come ready to talk, to participate in the discussion.Event: 70 to 100 invited guests, including Cogswell and local universities. One-day conversational format with in-the-round setting filmed live.