Leadership Team

Dave Toole
, Founder and Chairman.

Dave Toole is the Founder and Chairman of DNA. He and his team globalized, took public and sold the technology company GaSonics. They were leaders in several competitive markets delivering a dozen generations of technology for the likes of Intel and others. He anticipated the cost of communicating with video and digital media becoming disruptive and founded a digital media incubator that has won several key peered and secure communications patents. Before DNA, David founded MediaMobz. Dave has been in the video space for 20 years. Dave is a musician and plays multiple instruments in a band.

Mitch Ratcliffe
, Managing Partner.

Mitch Ratcliffe is a Managing Partner at DNA.   He is veteran of media, journalism, product development, and market research. Ratcliffe led the visionary Digital Media: A Seybold Report and Digital World Conference in the early 1990s. He was chief content officer at the ON24 Financial Network,  co-inventor of pioneering influence analytics at BuzzLogic, and other companies. A founding board member at Match.com, he has also advised Audible.com, EarthWeb, AOL Digital Cities, Lenovo, among others. Ratcliffe is an active participant in local on-demand economy developments. He recently led mixed editorial and engineering teams at Microsoft and hibu

Florian Brody
, Managing Partner.

Florian Brody, CIC, ACC is a Managing Partner at DNA. His over 35 years experience in analog and digital media give him a unique perspective on narratives across media boundaries. He co-invented the first electronic books in 1991 and co-founded multiple start-ups. He works as strategic advisor to innovative organizations and is a Certified Integral Coach. Brody teaches at universities in Europe and the US. His work has been published in multiple languages. Florian is a photographer and a lifetime member of the Cinémathèque Française.


Sourabh Kothari,
Director of Narrative Development.

Sourabh Kothari is the Director of Narrative Development. For over 15 years Sourabh has been fortunate to manage teams that drive B2B brands and marketing experiences combining audience targeting, content marketing and digital engagement best practices for customers, partners and employees across six continents.