‘Ad fatigue’ drives viewers to on-demand TV | News | Research Live

Your audience grows tired of your ads. The independent producer — what has become popularly known by the industry jargon “showrunner” now holds more power to choose their channels and collect much of the subscription revenue. Marketers need to find ways to subsidize paid TV that provides subtle reminders to the viewer that they got the programming for less, or free.

In an important way, we are back to the dawn of television, when advertisers “presented” shows as a way of earning favor and attention. The Texaco Star Theatre, for example, that gave the world Uncle Miltie, was a transitional effort when, like now, the audience’s attention was ripped away from “traditional” media, such as radio and newspaper, which were only 30 and 250 years old, respectively.

Forty one per cent of respondents in On Device’s latest survey said that sitting through fewer ads was part of their motivation for watching paid on-demand TV services such as Netflix and Amazon, rather than old-fashioned TV.

Source: ‘Ad fatigue’ drives viewers to on-demand TV | News | Research Live

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